SummerGrove Court Layout
SummerGrove is home to 8 Tennis Courts, 6 of which are lighted. We have restroom facilities as well as a gazebo, childrens play area and plenty of parking! For directions to our courts, please visit our DIRECTIONS page.

To maintain availability of our tennis courts to our resident, SummerGrove limits the number of resident and non-resident teams which are allowed to call our facilities “Home”.

Below you will find a list of files in .pdf format which will explain the process to submit your team for review to the Tennis Committee.

Tennis Team Rules Updated 10/2011
Tennis Team Roster Updated 10/2011

As always, we are available to answer any questions you might have, please feel free to EMAIL US and someone will get back with you as soon as possible.

Basic Rules of the Court

  1. Guests must be accompanied by resident at all times when on the court.
  2. Proper Tennis attire required & good sportsmanlike behavior expected.
  3. Tennis courts are for Tennis only.
  4. Kindly limit open play to 1.5 hours when others are waiting.
  5. Turn off lights after use.
  6. No Smoking.
  7. No pets allowed on courts.
  8. Please be observant of scheduled court availability.
  9. Captains are to ensure court trash recepticles are emptied after each home match and practice.

Please help keep our courts clean. Enjoy Your Game!

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